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Virginia School of Pet Grooming in Manassas Tuition Rates

Virginia School of Pet Grooming does not offer financial aid, we do not accept federal loans or student scholarships.

All Breed Grooming Program:

General supplies and maintenance cost: $900.00
Enrollment Fee: $100
Tuition $4,300.00
Total Cost $5,300.00*

Required Grooming Equipment for Students to Purchase

Equipment and Supply List
To order your equipment kit, either call Haley Thomas at (605).782.0500 or email [email protected]

Andis Blade #15 Blades
Andis Blade #10 Blades
Andis Blade #7F Blades
Andis Blade #5F Blades
Andis Blade #3F Blades
2 Speed Clipper Clippers with #10 Blade
Andis 5-in-1 Cool Care Plus 15.5oz Lubricant
SureGrip Large Smooth slicker brush
SureGrip Comb 7.5in Fine/Coarse
Large Orange Handle Nail Clipper Nail
Medium Orange Handle Nail Clipper
Behave Grooming Restraint with Pinch Clasp 17in
PPP Groomers Ear Powder 28g Ear
Non Locking Hair Puller Straight Hemostat
Bark2Basics Salon Scents Coconut & Pineapple Cologne
Rubber Curry Brush
ShowGear Supreme 3pk 8S 8C 7in Thinner
Andis 8 Piece Large Comb Set Combs
PPP Nail Safe Styptic Powder 0.5oz Styptic

Items to pick up separately:
Shedding Blade
Muzzle set
6 foot dog lead

Items covered by the $900 supply and maintenance cost:
Cotton balls, ear cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, disinfectant cleaner, cat shampoo, dog shampoo, specialized treatment shampoo, conditioner, detangler, hairspray, dog toothpaste, cap star flea treatment, bows and bandannas. Equipment provided that needs to be maintained: Hydraulic grooming tables, dremmel's, kennel dryers, velocity dryers, shampoo infuser, towels and water magnets, muzzles.