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Virginia School of Pet Grooming Training Program in Manassas

Foundation for Grooming Skills

The student will be introduced to the proper techniques and equipment used in basic grooming functions. He will be taught to trim nails, clean eyes and ears and care for feet, pads and teeth. Essentials such as clipping feet and tail and preliminary body trimming are also covered.

Skin Disorders and Nutrition in the Dog and Cat

Common skin problems and their symptoms will be discussed with emphasis on when veterinary attention should be sought. Proper nutritional requirements for dogs and cats of different ages, sex, and health with be studied. Students will be expected to know the essential nutrients consisting of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Brushing, Combing and Dematting

Students will be instructed on how to handle the various types of coats and the problems that some will present. They will learn how to recognize blown coats and how they should be stripped as well as how to properly remove mats.

Shop Management

The student will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of shop management through exposure to actual shop conditions. He will have an opportunity to develop time management skills through proper scheduling of duties and work flow. He will learn how to operate a shop on a professional level through actual exposure to good retail practices and customer service techniques. Shop set up/design and essential record keeping is covered.

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