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Virginia School of Pet Grooming's Training Facility in Manassas

The Virginia School of Pet Grooming supports Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity and does not discriminate in educational programs or employment in any policies, practices or procedures.


The Virginia School of Pet Grooming is a high-tech facility. The entire building is large, bright and open with specialized Hospital Quality central heat and air conditioning. A central ventilating system changes the air in the facility 10 times per hour. This gets rid of unpleasant pet and chemical odors and assures the cleanest, freshest air quality at all times. Floors are special epoxie coated. Specialized bathing and drying area allows the convenience of one location work area. All of the high end stand dryers and forced air dryers gives you the luxury of learning all aspect of grooming in the best environment. Every student is assigned their own drying system, this eliminates the arguing over “who’s got my dryer” that happens in a smaller school. There is also a fenced in walking area for those pets being groomed

Each student’s station has its own adjustable hydraulic grooming table that will allow small to large dogs to be worked on. No more waiting for a large grooming table or shuffling your equipment from one place to another to get working on you assignments. With front loops and a rubber surface for traction for the pet, you can concentrate on learning instead of being interrupted by silly inconveniences. There are drop down outlets for each table to run clippers and dryers. Equipment Can be stored at each station in secured lockable grooming stations. The entire facility is lit by overhead recessed ceiling lights. There is plenty of quality light to work by.

Our bath area has four large tubs.


Graduates will receive a list of area salons that will be looking for trained groomers as well as other facilities such as veterinary hospitals, kennels and pet shops that employ groomers.

All students will be coached and prepared for all interviewing sessions for new jobs.

VA School of pet grooming facility

VA School of pet grooming facility

VA School of pet grooming facility

VA School of pet grooming facility

VA School of pet grooming facility

VA School of pet grooming facility