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Virginia School of Pet Grooming Training Program in Manassas


Public Relations

Promoting and maintaining good relations with business associates such as veterinarians, customers, employee/employer and other groomers. Trade journals and professional associations will be discussed. Advertising techniques we have had success with will be covered. The main emphasis here will be on customer relations for your future business success.

Cat Grooming

We will cover the various breeds of long and short hair cats, specific feline diseases and special nutritional needs. Basic differences between dog and cat grooming such as equipment, restraint, nail clipping, dematting, bathing and finishing will be discussed. (This section will be omitted in programs that do not train in cats).

Practical Experience

This is an integral part of the program with emphasis on skill and speed to enable the student to perform well in a professional atmosphere. In order to assure volume confidence you will be required to increase the amount of pets you will work on throughout the program. A student plan will be given to each student on the first day of class reflecting the stages of training that each student will go through. Finishing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated by the instructor and then applied by the student. Emphasis will be placed on making each dog a proper representation of its breed. The student will also learn how to translate a client’s wishes and needs into a professional and suitable clip. The professional pet groomer will see a lot of mixed breeds in his career. The student will learn how to groom these pets so that they look their best and their owners will be pleased.

**Students that take the Poodle and/or Mixed Breed Program will direct all practical time to the breed of category specified in the program description.

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